Technology should make things easier, not harder. Don’t let frustration prevent you from operating as efficiently and productively as possible. O can help. We understand the technology, and O can provide you with a comprehensive IT solution, at a very good cost.  Let O serve as your IT Department, Help Desk and technology adviser. Technology shouldn’t be a disaster. It shouldn’t be the cause of lost productivity, lost revenue, or even low employee moral.


O can help you utilize technology, and improve day-to-day operations.

O Services:

Creating Custom Designed Websites

Your website isn’t just this thing you need. A well designed website is your best employee, working 24/7 to inform, sell, and promote you. Your website Tells Your Vision to the world. It is how fans reach you in a space that feels one on one. How clients learn about you and your portfolio. It is how prospects book your services or buy your products.  AND!!! A well built website will do all this for you and more for Pennies what an employee cost or a Social Media Team.

If you’re tired of fighting with No back end access, if you’re frustrated with your current site or Builder and don’t know how to fix it, and if you’re ready to take complete control over your site and Build your Star Employee.

Contact us!!

Remote Support/Remote Access:

Sometimes problems can be resolved quickly with a simple phone call. Clients can also opt to have O monitor and troubleshoot their systems remotely using remote access.



Data Recovery:

The information lost as the result of computer or hard drive failure can be devastating. O computer specialists can help you recover as much information as possible, as well as help you implement a back-up system to prevent future losses.


Building Computer Networks:

If your business is growing and you need to add more computers to a new location, take the guesswork out of technology planning. O will help you develop a plan that best suits your needs, and budget.





24/7 Network Security:

Protect and secure your computers (and their valuable data) from attacks and viruses. From firewalls to security software offering 24/7 monitoring, the security specialists at O will help you choose the best solution




Optimizing Servers for Best Performance:

Schedule O for monthly server checks, we will make sure that your servers are backing up properly and running error free.

Custom Services:

Don’t see the specific service you’re looking for? Chances are, the O specialists can help. Call (832) 447-4783!


A general rule-of-thumb is that if a business has 20-25 users, it can expect to have around 40-50 computer related issues per month. That can be a lot to handle on your own! Rest assured that O is only a phone call away! (832) 447-4783